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September 3, 2003

#1 at the Box Office, but the critics HATE it

— Posted by John Campea

Jeepers Creepers 2 topped the box office as mentioned in a previous post, but the reviews for it are just brutal so far. Bad enough that we’ll probably see a significant drop off at the Box Office next weekend. Here what som eof the reviewers are saying:

James Berardinelli said: The first movie was a horror flick; this one is a mindless action adventure. It’s Jaws with a winged demon standing in for the shark, The Terminator without the clever time paradoxes, or Predator without Arnold. It’s gory, repetitive, and not terribly interesting.

Filmcritic.Com says: Salva (the director) forgets everything he did well in the first film and does it the opposite way here — with much less success. What the original movie got right, this movie gets wrong, and it is difficult to watch such a talented filmmaker as Salva drift into horror-movie oblivion.

Roger Ebert says: Jeepers Creepers 2 supplies us with a first-class creature, a fourth-rate story, and dialogue possibly created by feeding the screenplay into a pasta maker.

USA Today says: The performances are what one might expect. Wide, bugged-out eyes and open mouths are the standard acting choices. But worse, this movie manages to be boring.

I’ll probably still end up seeing it since I enjoyed the first one so much, but man my expectations havejust gone through the proverbial floor. I hope it doesn’t suck as much as they’re saying it does. Time will tell.

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