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September 29, 2003

Can’t Shut Up About Bubba Ho-Tep

— Posted by John Campea

bubhot.jpgOkay, Shut up. I know I said I wouldn’t ask again about this movie being released wide, and I won’t…
… I will, however, rant about the zippy stupidity of the corporate morons who didn’t. BECAUSE THERE’S MORE NEWS!!!!

Remember Vitagraph films? – They’re the independent geniuses who were brave enough to give “Bubba” the best release, albeit small, as they could — I mentioned them at the end of this post. What about them you ask? — Well, sit – let me flap about it.

Well, on the list of Independent Distributors… Vitagraph is… oh,… what’s that word … number.. what.. ummm oh yeah, ONE!!!! Number One you fruitless, mind-numbed yutzs!! Here’s Proof!

The only Film Vitagraph film they have released is Bubba Ho-Tep…
On the per-screen average on the independent chart, Bubba Ho-Tep is number 2!! NUMBER 2!!! Only losing out to the new release of Scarface, but BEATING “Lost in Translation” (great flick) and “Mambo Italiano”. BEATING!!! Bubba Ho-Tep made a WHOPPING $17,818 per screen over the weekend on the two screens it was playing at.

Let’s compare that for a second:
    Bubba Ho-Tep
         Total Per screen average = $17,818

    The Rundown (Number 1 at the box office this past weekend)
        Box Office Take = 18.5 million
        Number of Screens Released on = 3152
         Total Per Screen Average = $5,869

I rest my case. The fact I can’t see this movie is stupid.

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