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September 9, 2003

Dickie Roberts getting sued over Slip N’ Slide scene

— Posted by John Campea

I guess Dickie Roberts is such a horrible film that companies will go to just about any lengths to make sure they’re not assiciated with it. The following was posted by Mark Seleski on Blogcritics. And no, this is not a joke, you can read the news source at CNN’s website.

The makers of the Slip ‘N Slide filed a lawsuit Monday over a scene in the hit movie “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star” that shows actor David Spade skidding to a painful halt on the summertime water toy.

Wham-O is asking a judge to order the film out of theaters as long as it contains the Slip ‘N Slide scene, or for a disclaimer to be added urging viewers not to try the maneuver made by Spade.

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