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September 25, 2003

Parker Posey

— Posted by John Campea

Being a big fan of the local video store’s 7 for 7 deal, where you can rent 7 “not new releases” for 7 days for 7 dollars, I found myself accidentally renting movies with the same actors in them. This wasn’t intentional. It just happened that way.

One of those actors that we found we liked was Parker Posey. Not a $10million dollar actor by any means but we just found that the character she plays always tended to be enjoyable. She has her very own unique quirky presence that just seemed to grab our attention. Her confident air and bold “she didn’t just say that” delivery of lines make her a favourite among indie film fans. I am not just the only one.

She has been in a number of “big name” movies like Josey and the Pussycats, Best in Show, Scream 3 and You’ve got Mail as well as the classic Waiting for Guffman

Counting Down reports that Posey will be appearing in the upcoming Blade:Trinity as a vampire character, but the very reliable Internet Movie Database doesn’t have a listing for that yet.

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