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October 16, 2003

School of Rock reviews positive right across the board

— Posted by John Campea

Slowly but surely, Jack Black is become our generations version of John Belushi… only with even more talent. Ever since I first saw him in High Fidelity I knew people would take notice of him. His new flick School of Rock has pretty much garnered universal praise from the critics community.

The Boston Globe: “If anything, ”School” is an Eddie Murphy kiddie-flick with a real and welcome bite. It also has a deep-dish appreciation for rock lore that should delight any dad who has ever tried to get his children to listen to ”Who’s Next” rather than the ”Lizzie McGuire” soundtrack.”

New York Post: “ALL hail Jack Black, who finally goes to the head of the class in “School of Rock,” a hip and consistently hilarious family comedy.”

USA Today: “In the wrong hands, this movie could be awful, but White’s script is sharp, and its director is Richard Linklater, deservedly revered for his first three early-’90s features: Slacker, Dazed and Confused and Before Sunrise.”

Los Angeles Daily News: “An inspired, invigorating comedy that will have you laughing from its opening moments to its closing credits.”

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