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September 2, 2003

Weird weekend at the box office

— Posted by John Campea

What isn’t surprising is that Jeepers Creepers 2 jumped to #1 on it’s opening weekend taking in about $18.5 million, and that Freddy vs Jason dropped all the way from #1 to #7 with just over $8 million. This isn’t surprising since word is getting around that its not that good of a film. I don’t expect that it will hit the $100 million mark.

The big surprises are Pirates of the Caribbean actually CLIMBING in its 8th week in release from #6 back up to #4 with over $10 million… in its 8th week. Pirates is looking more and more like it will hit the $300 million mark. This film seems to have more staying power than I’ve seen in a long time. Open Range, Freaky Friday and Seabiscuit also made more money this week than last week. Don’t see that often.

Click here to see the full Box Office totals for this past weekend

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