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August 18, 2004

But Will They star Jar Jar?

— Posted by John Campea

Why not … since I’m posting groundless rumors anyway I may as well just go ahead and post the big one that’s doing the rounds. just had some unidentified source within Lucasfilm send them an email saying all Lucasfilm staff have been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement saying that they will not discuss Star Wars Episodes 7-9. Why would they need NDA’s for films that Lucas claims he’s never going to make? You do the math … original post on is here.

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  • reaction

    Do production studios usually *ask* people to sign NDAs, as opposed to telling them? Or, for that matter, tell what the NDA is for before it’s signed.

  • trysop

    Very strange indeed…I would guess that perhaps they have long-term plans of some sort (cg movies, animated, etc.).

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