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March 30, 2004


— Posted by John Campea

Ah yes…..The words “Orlando Bloom Topless…” I can see the quivering fingers of horny teenaged girls sending the web hits into the stratosphere already.

I actually have no idea if this movie will be released in North America – I imagine it will be eventually, but it seems likely that the current release is slated for, what DVD junkies would refer to as “region 2″. Or UK & Europe for the lay person. Here is the Trailer for it anyway.

What looks like a rather well done comedy action flick, Orlando Bloom plays a small, stringy little boxer who’s about to take on the undefeated champion of the sport. His only advantage is his lifetime milk consumption, which has given him bones that are tougher than chaos math. That’s about all there is to draw from the trailer so far. And I’m sure the overanxious lady fans haven’t even read this far anyway.

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