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July 12, 2004

Disney gets embarassed again – This time by King Arthur

— Posted by John Campea

Wow! This little story from the internet movie data base sure says a lot about the current “leadership” over at Disney:

Disney seemed certain to take another drubbing at the box office this weekend as returns for its Wednesday premiere of King Arthur came in below expectations. (Daily Variety described the opening as “not stellar.”) The film grossed $4.8 million, less than half the $10.04 million grossed by Spider-Man 2, which celebrated its eighth day in release by crossing the $200 million mark ($202,115,000), getting there faster than any film in history. The $130-million film, which is playing on 3,000 screens earned less than the $6-million Fahrenheit 9/11, which Disney rejected, earned in its opening on fewer than 900 screens. Indeed, on a per-theater basis Wednesday King Arthur and Fahrenheit took in about the same amount of money. Fahrenheit’s gross now stands at $66.6 million.

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