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July 15, 2004

I, Robot reviews

— Posted by John Campea

Love or hate Will Smith, one has to admit that from time to time he can bring some pretty entertaining characters to life on the screen (I‚Äôm not a big fan of his, but his work in Ali was fantastic). Now comes I, Robot… the film with the really stupid name. At first, I thought this project looked just stupid, but I have to concede that I‚Äôve been getting more and more interested in the film the more I‚Äôve seen the trailers. Now the initial reviews are coming out, and things look promising, most reviews are pretty positive, with some not so positive. Look for my review Saturday. Here‚Äôs what some of the critics are saying:

“At first Smith feels miscast, but he warms into the role. Good pace, nice robot effects, entertaining.”

“…I can’t say that this movie turned out to be the dark, kick-***, sci-fi classic motion picture for which I was hoping, but it was still a damn good time…”

“I guess a summer special effects blockbuster with plot development is too much to ask for. Maybe I should have my own wiring examined.”
— David Levine, FILMCRITIC.COM

“A routine Will Smith cop-on- the-hunt thriller at heart, I, Robot lacks imaginative excitement.”

“A cool summer movie packing a nice mix of action, explosions, and brains.”

For more early reviews of I, Robot head over to the good folks at

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  • Levi

    I have to say that this movie was a waste of time… 2 hours of my life wasted… I would prefer going on a suicidal rampage!

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