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July 16, 2004

New Sky Captain Trailer and Footage Online!

— Posted by John Campea

skynewbig.jpgOkay, this has been posted all over the net already, but it’s so good it definitely bears repeating. There’s a new trailer for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, as well as an extended underwater battle scene, now available online here. Absolutely gorgeous stuff. The more I see of this film the more excited I get about it …

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  • jason

    I like the shot of those winged alien planes chasing Jude Laws Old WW2 Plane….very cool. I can already tell Jolie will be her usual female “Nicolas Cage” wierd character. But I can not figure out how Gweneth Paltrow gets work…..she plays the same 2 characters….I just don’t get it….by the way…is it just me or does anyone else think that she and Cameron Diaz are Superman and Bizzaro Superman? Now that would be a movie I would pay to see…picture that……Gwen as Superman and Cameron as Bizzaro Superman……If Cameron takes off her make up….she’ll have the look down…

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