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August 20, 2004

North American Website For Taegukgi Now Online

— Posted by John Campea

Sony Pictures Classics has launched their web site for the Korean War epic Taegukgi in preperation for their September 3rd release of the film here in North America. This film was a major blockbuster in Korea and has been receiving enormously positive press worlwide – we’re still getting a shocking number of search engine hits on our original post about it – so I’m really looking forward to seeing if it lives up to the hype. Check out the Sony site here. No English language trailer yet but the site is loaded with background information about the film. If you’re hungry for images from the film regardless of language, check out the Japanese trailer here.

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  • Allen

    Great! I was able to find the list of theaters playing 3 Sept. in sony’s web site above. To my surprise, one of them is only 5 mile from my home!!! It’s been a while to see a WAR movie, Hoo-Ah! I hope this is a good one. At least, Post and trailer looks cool, don’t they?

  • CTDeLude

    I gotta admit, what you said about search engines hits for this movie is right on the money. I’d wager some 2,500 hits or more have come from searchs for this movie.

    Opens up in Glendale and a couple other places…can’t wait to finally check it out in the theatres…

  • rob

    That’s great news. I was in Taiwan when it opened there last month and almost went to see it in Chinese, which I don’t speak, just because the commercials look so cool. I’m a sucker for marketing.

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