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March 26, 2004

Revolutions Dvd. Whooptie.

— Posted by John Campea

Oh Look. You can pre-order Matrix: Revolutions on DVD. .. Who Cares.

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17 thoughts on “Revolutions Dvd. Whooptie.

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  2. Quite surprised here … just watched Revolutions again (first time since I saw it in the theater) and it was surprisingly good on second viewing … there are still some major pacing problems and I find some spots overly repetitive of the first couple and I’m still a little irked about just how many good issues and possibilities they raised in the second film only to abandon them in the third BUT I think this is a film that suffered greatly from too much speculation and expectation going in. This time I was able to approach it and just take what the Wachowski’s gave me rather than going in looking for certain things and what they gave me actually wasn’t half bad. And there are a lot more layered references in the script than I gave it credit for first time around (the obvious christ stuff, some much less obvious christ stuff, teiresias the blind prophet, king arthur, a bit of buddhism …)

    All in all I still think it’s the weakest of the three but not nearly as bad as my initial response …

  3. Although I concur that Kill Bill wasnt as good as the hype (but then not many films) it was still a pretty fine film. Comparing Matrix Revolutions with Kill Bill is like comparing Dumbo with Terminator!!! I havent seen Matrix Revolutions (the reviews of the film made my head hurt, let alone seeing it). However, I do feel the Wachiowski (or however its spelt) brothers do deserve shed loads of respect for what they tried to achieve with this trilogy (plus game, plus animatrix, which run intermingled into the film plots). They have certainly moved they sci fi genre (sci fi not being a favourite of mine) forward and the effects and sound used are now the bench mark for further films of this and many other genres (bullet time etc). I also think the last two star wars were bad films! (Watched about 15-minutes of attack of the clones before turning it off).

  4. Redpimp is right. All the Matrix movies are awesome and Kill Bill was terrible. It had an awesome plot, not just some bitch who is out to “KILL BILL.” And the Matrix had much better special effects unlike that cheesey spraying blood effect. God! and the second Kill Bill is going to be just as retarded

  5. I sure as hell loved the entire trilogy more so than that gay ass kill bill some one or other was trying to pimp on us as the greatest movie ever

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