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June 7, 2004

Saw Trailer. How Messed Up is This?

— Posted by John Campea

Okay, so there I am about to kiss another day goodnight, when I check aintitcool for anything… well, cool. They have a link to Filmforce – who has an article about one wacked out Thriller from Lion’s Gate named “Saw“, being released later this year. Now I’m wide awake.

Direct Link to the Trailer -or-
Here’s the Trailer and Article Page.

— You need to pay a subscription for that, so for now, just view the Windows Media version. (I’ll tack up a new post when someone else hosts the Quicktime version). There is a reason why the Trailer’s tagline is “How Messed Up is That?” Folks, it’s some creepy, disturbing stuff. Kinda like dating.

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