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March 29, 2004

Sir Peter Ustinov dies

— Posted by John Campea

PeterUstinov.jpgIt is a sad day for any serious fan of film. One of the truly great actors of our time has passed away. Sir Peter Ustinov died Sunday night of heart failure.

There are FAR too many great roles that he played to go through, but I personally will always remember him as Lentulus Batiatus in Sparticus. Ustinov had a presence about him on the screen that few actors in history ever have. His voice was also one of the most distinctive in history. All you had to hear was one syllable, and you knew it was him. His passing leaves the world a less interesting place.

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  • Day-vuhl

    I’m surprised we’ve made it this far and no one has said “The voice of Dr. Snuggles” yet.

  • david terry

    RIP Peter, a truly remarkable man and one of the greatest Mimics I either heard.

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