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February 11, 2004

The Simpsons Movie becoming a reality

— Posted by Rodney

Simpsons2.jpgFrom Variety.Com via Yahoo:

There’s exxx-cellent news for fans of “The Simpsons”: Homer and the gang may finally be coming to the bigscreen. After years of rumors and wishful thinking, “Simpsons” gurus Matt Groening and James L. Brooks (news) are leading a team of writers in actively developing an animated bigscreen feature based on the long-running Fox hit. Active work on a concept for the pic began a few months ago, after 20th Century Fox’s film division hammered out deals with key writers.

Good grief. Can you say “Box Office”? I will be the first in line to see this. Can you imagine what the writers of The Simpsons can do when they have 6 or 9 months to work on just one LONG episode? You can read the whole Simpsons article here.

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  • Ayana

    The Simpsons rules! I can’t wait ’till tha movie comes out! My fave actor is Dan Castenella and my fave actress is Nancy Cartwright. I also love Yeardly and Julie. I think Matt Groening is doing a really good job on the show.
    I have been an avid Simpsons fan for three and a half years. If i love tha tv show i know i’ll love tha movie! :)
    Good luck!:)

  • Bubba

    If done well this should rule, but it’s mighty hard to take a show with normal running times resting at 22 minutes of actual footage and stretch it out into feature length, especially a show like the Simpsons where the episodes are often quite fragmented in the first place … how many successful tv show adaptations have there been? I’m hopeful, but leery …

    That said, the trailer for the Spongebob Squarepants movie (my son watched 4+ hours of Spongbob today and I didn’t go insane, thus it is a good show. And I am a bad father.) is an utter masterpiece of revisionist editing … go check it out and see what I mean …

  • David Poe



  • Day-vuhl

    I’m sure I would stand in line to see it to, However, I’m actually *Against* a Simpsons movie.

    Yup. I say keep it as a show. I’m actually glad they haven’t made a movie as of yet.

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