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June 6, 2004

Yosuke Kubozuka Flirts With Death. Death Turns Him Down.

— Posted by John Campea

yosuke.jpgSome scary news I picked up thanks to the folks at KFC Cinema … Yosuke Kubozuka – the star of Ping Pong, Go and Laundry, and for my money one of the best young actors working in the world today – fell twenty six meters from his ninth floor balconey, landed on a chain link fence and bounced from the fence to the ground. None of his injuries appear life threatening but he reportedly complained to an ambulance crew that his whole body hurt. Yeah. That’d be because you just fell EIGHTY FIVE FEET! You can read what the Japanese papers have to say about it here and here. And yes, you can actually read those, they’re both english language papers.

Consider this a combined ‘get well soon’ and ‘you’re one mighty lucky bastard’ from all of us here at The Movie Blog.

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  • Day-vuhl

    Geez. That beats my “broke my neck” story. Way to go Yosuke.

    I gotta come up with something new I guess.
    Bubba, can I borrow your car?

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