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January 21, 2007

Pictures From The Films 4 Food Fest

— Posted by John Campea

Hey there guys. Charles sent me these pictures today from the Films 4 Food Fest yesterday. These ones are just mainly of the live recording of The Audio Edition. More pictures will follow.

John and Doug during the Audio Edition

Doug Nagy during The Audio Edition

Doug Nagy during The Audio Edition

The Whole Audio Edition Gang (John, Doug, Bruxy and Darren


Doug getting worked up about something that I’m sure was very important

Another one of the whole gang

Darren spouting the wisdom of the ancients

Bruxy Cavey

More Darren

Doug as you’ll usually see him… laughing

John and Rodney Brazeau during the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Comic Book movie discussion

Another one of John and Rodney

Jesse Bonner and Doug earlier in the day.

So there you have it folks. As I said there will be more pics coming over the next few days.

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