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April 3, 2007

Remake Of Christine In The Works

— Posted by Rodney

43m.jpgNews out today is that the John Carpenter film Christine is set to be remade. The remake is to be penned by screenwriter Christopher Landon: Son of Landon. We get the story this morning from FILMJUNK and the man known as WEB-MASTER gives us the following news on the screenplay:

He’ll reportedly be sticking a bit closer to the original Stephen King source material, which in his opinion was “more of a possession story than it was just a killer car”. Hopefully he doesn’t eliminate the killer car action entirely, because let’s face it, killer cars rule.

I could not agree more with the WEB-MASTER if they take the killer car out of the movie it will lose massive machismo. Possessed vehicles, appliances and inanimate objects are always more exciting than possessed people. Possessed people in film usually just look like they have mental disorders. If I wanted to see people with mental disorders for 90 minutes I would take a city bus.

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40 thoughts on “Remake Of Christine In The Works

  1. Are yal fucking serious.SUP with all these damm remakes.Well i can guess either their dieing for money r retarded and cant produce nothing new, they could at least did a part 2 r god

  2. Due to the fact that the “Original” christine was made 27 years ago, I think a remake would be acceptable for the new generation of today. Therefore; they should keep the same structure of the manualscript and script by resurrecting the 58′plymouth fury.
    If i were to write the remake, i would strongly suggest that they bring the two remaining stars from the original, Keith Gordon and Alexendra Paul, i think is her name; Lol, to have a guest appearence in the remake. They’ve earned the right to be in it. Those of you who would or will read this would agree 100%. What better way to remake a classic such as this, is to add a little classic with the new classic. Now, If they would only remake “The Car” which too is another great classic.
    But, since the car that they used was a custom made, they’ll either have to get a differnt knid of car, or build one, needless to say; they need to remake it.

  3. I think that the real focus should be on the connection between Christine and LeBay. Arnie’s possession should also be touched on. Last, I think that detail should be shown to how Christine methodically murders all of the sh*tters who come between Arnie, Christine and LeBay.

  4. The car is now over 50 Years old and the movie will be 30 years old soon. Follow the trend and do a REMAKE and it MUST be in 3D. I can just see it now in my mind in 3D.

    They remade animations like Toy Story 1 and 2 into 3D, why not movies.

  5. They can use my 1986 volvo 745 Estate with 749.000 kilometer first engine!

    i hope the story will the same cause a young student with his own (evil) car is the best they could use with this movie

  6. Well a prequel would be better, seeing Christine new and what happened with Roland Lebay….. then into modern day, but stick to the book…..

    • What about LeBay (deceased) driving Christine, the “death mobile” with his wife and daughter, the hamburg scene with the dead dad daughter left on the side of the road? Nasty. Let’s “motorvate!” LeBay, Chritine is jealous of female family members! J

  7. Personally I think it would be a great idea to do a remake of the movie. I have just finished reading Kings book and also have a copy of the original movie on DVD.

    Although without reading the book the movie DOES in fact work on its own, I personally don’t think it works so well as a translation of Stephan Kings original story and concept. The movie just gives shallow detail of what is really a psycological and very deep story of a guy who is often seen as a nerd and bit of a geek who tries to break away from the dominence of his parents and starts to grow up. In fact this whole story is about growing up..but with a horrific twist.

    However, he unfortuantly ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time and is ‘chosen’ by Christine and LeBay as a victim of outright possession because of his state of mind and character…because of the way Arnies dominating mother has raised him. I personally think this story in this day and age can be treated well with the technology awe have got…and I am sure they will use a 1958 Fury as they would stay true to the book…The book has a better build up to the final horror that sets off in Darell’s garage and gives a better reason as to why the Christine moves on her own other that being some kinda demon.

    Bands like Metallica and AC-DC should be involved in the soundtrack.

  8. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) As much as I love this movie, I’d hate to see it butchered by using a modern car, or cheesy computer generated graphics. Christine is and always will be a 1958 Plymouth Fury. However, if they choose to use actual cars instead of graphics, fiberglass replicas should be used, it’s bad enough you can barely find these cars on the road today. But, I would like to see more of the haunting of Roland D. LeBay in the movie. No matter what though, I’ll always go back to the original. Welcome back Christine, come on baby please, don’t let me down.

  9. A nightmare on Elm street is also being remade. They are supposed to make a prequel, and then remake the series afterwards….Yes…it sucks. Instead of a Christine remake, would does everyone think about a sequel? Set In modern day.

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