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April 24, 2007

Simpsons Movie Almost Got an R Rating — Seriously

— Posted by Rodney

This news I found rather shocking. The whole time I heard that there would be a Simpsons movie I kept thinking, “What could it be about? Is there ANYTHING they haven’t done yet?”

The answer is YES! There is one thing they haven’t done.

MSN Entertainment says:

To make it on the big screen, you have to give people something spectacular. Something extraordinary. Something like Bart Simpson—full frontal. It happens early in “The Simpsons Movie,” when the animated 10-year-old takes a dare from his goofball father, Homer, to skateboard naked through the streets of Springfield. Hidden by plants and picket fences, he whizzes along, past kids, down hills, through traffic lights, until, in one shocking moment, little Bart flashes his little part to the entire world. Which may make this the first Hollywood film to show that kind of skin and to escape an R rating.

So there you have it. This movie goes over the top and maybe a little too low at the same time.

We get a peek at little Bart if you catch my meaning. Not that anyone was curious about it, or even WANTED to, but maybe that is why it made it past the cut.

Or uncut. We don’t know yet.

I don’t want to know.

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    This is sad, Americana at its worst. Because the movie will probably not have anything more inspiring than what they’ve put on television, they’ve resorted to showing a naked Bart. The line of morality just keeps getting pushed further and further and further…

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