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December 31, 2008

Crank 2 Trailer

— Posted by John Campea

Well… here you go. The Red Band trailer for Crank 2. Enjoy.

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80 thoughts on “Crank 2 Trailer

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  2. dear god guys… i’m in the movie business (student, but close enough)… i know what these cameras do, i know what different shot types are… but you are thinking way too deeply in this… who cares about that stuff… stick to the stunts that they are doing, the story line, the stuff that actually makes the movie

  3. I can honestly say that what I just watch was fucking stupid. I can hear people asking “what the fuck is wrong with you?” right now

  4. Whatever… they just showed the whole movie… how long was the first one? less than 90 minutes. I hope they will keep this mindless crap even shorter. Waste of a trip to a movie theater. retarted.

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