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January 24, 2008

Get Smart International Posters

— Posted by John Campea

Hot on the heals of the new Get Smart trailer comes these two new international character posters for the movie. Personally, I LOVE THEM. Especially the Maxwell Smart one. Apparently the spanish title for the film will be “Agent 86″. I guess the old “Get Smart” show didn’t get much play outside the US or Canada. (via MoviesOnline)



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  • DrTheopolis

    Oh, and Anne Hathaway is an extremely bad actress. Princess Diaries #1? Unwatchable do to her “acting”. Couldn’t stand the thought of sitting through 2. Brokeback… she was THE weakest link, especially in that bad blonde wig and then when they started to age her. Prada? Although tolerable, she was horribly, horribly miscast.

  • DrTheopolis

    Wow. Bad, bad Photoshop headstrip on Carrell! His body all contorted into a strange position, and as previous commenters said, his neck is simply **gone, baby gone**.

    P. U.

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