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August 29, 2008

Gremlins vs the PVR

— Posted by Rodney

A great little fan made clip of Gremlins taking over a PVR and invading the movies themselves. When the screen glitches, just keep watching it. You will see that its part of the video.

This is made of awesome. I miss the Gremlins.

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  • Bjorn/

    Quality stuff. This guy is really talented. I think we’ll see more greatness from him in the future.

  • DirkAnger23

    That did reek of awesomeness. Gremlins and Ghostbusters – my 2 favorite movies when I was a kid – when in the name of Holy Moses are we gonna see sequels to these 2 flicks. I mean I know that they’re coming out with the Ghostbusters video game, but come on already.

  • Gutpunch

    The whole thing cost him two months work and 2500 euros. That’s one dedicated fan.
    here’s the making of video

  • vargas

    I loved it! Especially the old monster movie part! This guy deserves a job!

  • Rodney

    I didn’t see it on AOTS. I tripped over it online.

    It is the type of thing they would feature on their YouTube segment.

  • amc

    did you know that was on attack of the show

  • entertainmenttodayandbeyond

    That was actually very impressive. Who ever produced that it had to cost them some cash. I loved GREMLINS. Seen it 10 times in a theater. Sequel is really good also! WHAT ever happened to Joe Dante? He’s a great talent!

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