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September 5, 2008

New Quantum O’ Solace Pics

— Posted by Rodney

We have new Quantum Of Solace pics for you guys today thanks to the good people over at Empire.





For the rest of the pictures, please take a moment to slip over to Empire and check them out!

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  • Wing Chun Geologist

    That first pic gave me a Steve McQueen kind of jolt. I can’t wait.

  • chris (the real one)

    casino royale was a perfect 10 for me and im anticipating this to be excellent….craig changed bond forever and im lovin it

  • obi-wan kubrick

    He looks bad in that 2nd picture. Craig reminds me of that Seinfeld episode when the woman looked bad 1/2 the time and hot the other half.

  • Dragonslayer

    I’ve never been a Bond fan…but I can’t wait for this movie. Hopefully it won’t be another Die Another Day

  • Bill Clay

    First pic looks like Steve McQueen in the Great Escape — wonder if it’s the same model bike. Awesome.

  • Naught

    Who ever said Keira Knightley has the best pout is insane. Look at him! Trumps Keira by a mile :D

  • Rodney

    He is having a drink. Maybe someone poisoned him again?

    Or he just farted.

  • Phil Gee

    Ok, I have to say, what is going on with Daniel in that second pic? He doesn’t look well at all.

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