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March 26, 2008

Tom Cruise Spoof For Superhero Movie

— Posted by John Campea

Good freaking grief. My friend Brad over at Ropeofsilicon pointed us to this video for the upcoming (and bad looking) Superhero movie. The thing is, it’s the most perfect spoof of the recent Tom Cruise nonsense I’ve seen to date. I actually laughed out loud watching this thing. Shame the movie will suck.

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  • semmy

    I wish good luck for Tom Cruise. His upcoming film is first film as a super hero. So wish you all the best..It will going to be great challenge for him.

  • Jordan C

    He says “He can’t fly, I can.” then the next scene is a news announcer proclaiming “This just in.. Tom Cruise is dead.” with a sign behind him saying “He couldn’t fly.” .

    Yeah, that was the only funny part of what was an abortion of a movie.

  • http://HisDivineShadow HisDivineShadow

    Superhero movie has grossed 3.400.000 on friday.
    Its on its way to maybe breaking 10m if is lucky.

  • spagett

    and may I add…21% on RT and 0% Cream of the Crop.
    WOW. This film is getting such positive reviews like you said. I love how you completely lie about it and then keep using it to defend your stupid statements.

  • spagett

    Saying the film doesn’t look bad….wanting to go see it….close enough. Just you saying that it is an “accusation” that I assumed you want to see it is funny. Yes! You should be ashamed for trying to compliment this movie. Shame shame.

  • kanthan


    I m sorry, When did i say was going to see the film. Please read my comments properly and comprehend before stating accusations. Sorry if that sounds condescending just hate it when people write without getting the proper facts.

  • spagett

    well seeing how you are saying you are going to see it shows what kind of person you are. A person that I will never ever understand nor will ever want to. How a person finds this entertaining is beyond my comprehension and it is sad that you support such trash.

  • kanthan


    In No way does this film look as bad as meet the spartans and saying that means you perception of taste is severly limited.

    “God damn idiots go see these stupid ass movies.” Well put spagett I better not go and see it now. I mean I don’t want to be a “God Damn idiot” after all.

  • spagett

    Where are these “overwhelmingly positive” reviews of this movie? I haven’t seen any reviews released yet.

    Based on the trailer this looks just as bad as Meet the Spartans. Atleast this Tom Cruise impersonator was a little funny and does a very good impression. However, the trailer follows the formula of all these other horrible spoof movies. They break out into dance out of nowhere for no reason. There are stupid pop culture references that no one cares about (the part where he says “You aren’t in my 5”). Fuck sakes that was terrible. Then we have multiple shots of him hurting himself. I swear in the trailer we see the main character falling down or running into a lightpole about 5 times.
    Not to mention the trailer makes the movie out to be Spiderman 1 but riddled with the cheesy horrible comedy of Spiderman 3’s dance scenes. I love that I read on a YouTube comment someone said “This movie looks like Spiderman…I wonder why?”. God damn idiots go see these stupid ass movies.

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