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July 28, 2008

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

— Posted by John Campea

This looks like it was captured at the Comic Con panel this past week. Your first look at the X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer:

I’ve heard that the movie (which is now finished filming) is a total disaster and major car wreck waiting to happen. Still, I thought the trailer was pretty sweet. What do you think?

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69 thoughts on “X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

  1. I want to see Gambit too,but not in the second-hand role they gave it to him in this movie! As usual, they change everythinh important innth xmen universe just because they want the non-comic-readers peope to “enjoy” it. Gambit is SO important to the X-MEN universe… i wish they haven’t included him in this altered version of weapon-X.

    I have to rewrite this: I WANTED to see Gambit in a movie, but i suspect not in this one.

    An by the way: wouldn’t it be a better movie if they just had based the script in the Omega Red-Sabretooth-Wolverine saga when they resurrect big Red? What do they loose using the exact same stopry as the comics!!!????

  2. im sorry but all the stuff about gambit, i really dont care about him. yea wolverine and gambit had some missions together but who knows. i just want to see how this is going to turn out. it looks great and did you see dominic monoghan? i think that was him in the frozen cryogenic lab thing. i could be majorly mistaken. but at least they have his Origin mini series in it! that worried me the most! and yes there are bone claws in it. wolverine wasn’t born with adamantium metal. it was discovered that he has bone claws in wolverine #75, i actually still have that issue along with x-men 25 when magneto pulled the adamantium out of his skeleton. always wanted to see that on film dang it!. but any who this film looks great. im hoping for an R rating or at least a hardcore pg-13 rating. but who knows. fox likes to ‘kiddy’ things up and i heard they’re not happy with the cut. god help us all.

  3. btw deadpool didn’t always wear a mask guys. he started to wear it after he got scarred. lol think two face scarred lol and they commented that if/when there is a sequel to this it will take place in japan. there will be references to it in this movie.

  4. sorry for anyone who doesn’t like the “bone claws” but yes they’re in here. he was born with them, or at least after the origins comic came out a few years back and made it so. but even older than that he had them still. i had a comic card that had a little story on the back about how he got them. after fighting magneto (who totally whooped his ass, ripped out the adamantium and left him for dead) wolverine crawled his way to a barn to heal. broke a steers neck and ripped out its ribs for the claws. lol it was graphic as a 7 year old but now it’s just funny to me. DIE COW!!!

  5. This movie “LOOKS” like it’s going to kick so much ass.
    Of course they’re probably gonna mess it all up by killing one of the main characters like Dead Pool Probably, or Gambit but I pray to God that they don’t. I know in the comics and cartoon Wolverine and Gambit really don’t like eachother so I don’t know if they’re going to use that story line in the movie. Also I’m not very interested in Sabretooth, he looks like some douche who hasn’t cut his finger nails in a while. Other than that I have low standards for this movie, and hopefully when it comes out it’ll blow me away.

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