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July 23, 2009

Danny DeVito Introduces The Blood Factory

— Posted by John Campea

I really like Danny DeVito both as an actor and as a director (I still can’t believe more people don’t see “Death To Smootchy” as the brilliant piece of comic genius that it is).

Not many people know that DeVito is also a major horror fan. As a matter of fact, he’s just launched his new site called “The Blood Factory“. The site is home to a bunch of original short horror films that he calls “Splatter Cuts” (nice name).

Right now there are about 5 horror shorts there you can go see. For now, here’s a funny little promo video Danny did for Comic Con

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6 thoughts on “Danny DeVito Introduces The Blood Factory

  1. Danny DeVito Is the only actor I love and Follow his work!!! His the man and the only actor I adore in my eyes…. I know everything about him study him like a book!

  2. wtf you mean underrated and people dont realize?

    im pretty sure most people understand actually….even from the TAXI days devito has been legendary …..even in his personal life with his wife ……trust me im pretty sure most people love devito.

  3. I am glad you touched upon this fact John, Danny DeVito is much more talented than people seem to realize, both as a Director and an actor.

    This should be really interesting, I will keep my eye open for this Blood Factory now.

  4. Death to Smoochie is a true underrated classic. It loses its way a tad in the third act but fuck its a funny film.

    the fucking cock shaped cookies scene is hilarious

  5. When I was little I saw “Death to Smoochie” in theaters and laughed harder than I think I’ve ever laughed at the movies. Caught parts of it recently and thought what I saw was still good, some of the shots kinda made me a little sick though. I’m not a huge fan of ultra wide angle lenses shoved straight in the actor’s face. Just don’t like it.

  6. ” (I still can’t believe more people don’t see “Death To Smootchy” as the brilliant piece of comic genius that it is).”

    I saw parts of the film…..I kept on flipping back through channels and what I saw of it was pretty funny.

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