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May 1, 2009

First Iron Man 2 Image looks like First Iron Man Movie

— Posted by Rodney

The first image from Iron Man 2 is online and this staggering image breakthrough gives us our first peek at what is to come from Iron Man.

A scene that could have been from the first Iron Man.

Now granted in the background there are MORE suits, but Tony had 3 suits in the first movie and its no secret that Ironman has more suits than underwear, so that much is new. But for a “FIRST LOOK” it just seems like the first image they put out, and nothing spectacular.

Even still, the very knowledge that somewhere on this mass of rock hurtling through space, Robert Downey Jr is on set and making Iron Man 2. It wasn’t a dream. Its really happening. Giddy!

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  • Meli

    My first thought when I saw the pic was …wow, it looks like a still from the first movie..hehe…that is not a bad thing. I’m really looking forward to this movie.

  • Ouija

    Am I the only one that wants one of those monitors?! (Oh yeah, and Id take a power suit too…)

  • David Lopan

    I thought Downey Jr was still filming Sherlock Holmes?

  • Andrew James

    Awesome. I hope he fights another version of himself at the end of this movie too. Then it will actually sort of be like Transformers 3. Basically robots tossing each other around for 25 minutes of my time with no perspective or stakes. Another original premise from Hollywood unlike anything we’ve seen before… oh wait, forgot about the title of this post. Nevermind; as you were.

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