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April 22, 2009

First Look at Universal Soldier 3

— Posted by Rodney

Old School Action stars seem to be the flavour of buzz lately with all the news about The Expendables, but lets not forget that Universal Soldier is also returning to its roots and digging up two other coveted stars of a simpler time.

We get our first look at Dolph Lundgren and Jean Claude Van Damme in Universal Soldier 3.

Hold me closer, tiny dancer.


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  • Tomm Pistol

    JCVD is an awesome actor. The scene in Wake of Death when he’s home and breaks down because his wife died. Awesome, to me he can do no wrong! I heard he’s doing a horror movie. Anybody have any news on that? I know I would love to see him in a zombie flick. Not like the Steven Segal “Againts the Dark” more like “Againts shit in my DVD player” God that sucked.

  • Pajser Balvanovic

    Hell, yeah!!!

  • http://NO Deaf__ Emy B.

    Universal Soldiers: the Next Generation

    Black is the following action (+ G)

  • http://universalsoldier3 Tom

    Hi. I need to know when it come out movie theater Universal Soldier 3? Thank you.

  • party marty

    Hope he isnt a child abuser in this film, like he planned for Bloodsport 2. the Expendables is getting on OK without him so far.

  • Bino

    It’s gonna be PG-13 anyways

  • musicsoup

    this picture rules. super stoked about seeing them together again. and honestly, pretty glad that emmerich isn’t directing. means there’s hope for it.

  • KISSman

    Oh man, that’s cool!!! I’m so glad they both are in it. I’m so psyched after seeing these pictures!

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