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December 26, 2009

If Lord of The Rings had Facebook

— Posted by Rodney

Since everyone LOVED the Stars Wars facebook status updates, thought we could share the Lord of the Rings facebook as well, which I thought was actually better.







Dazed and confused FTW! Thanks to College Humor

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  • Ryan

    The star wars one nearly killed me, but this one was wicked funny too. I would so very love to see more of them, if they’re out there.

  • Wallpapers ON

    LOL :) Good done, i have seen it.

  • Jason Angel

    these are fucking hilarious, keep em coming



    “White is the new grey bitches”

    Gndalf’s status and the Gollum thing was hilarious

  • chris…the real one

    lmao…i need to send gandolf a friend request

  • Eduardo

    Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

  • nine


  • Jessica

    “Hey Legolas, sweet facial hair…oh wait…”
    HAHAHA! these things are HILARIOUS!

  • James

    TDK and Harry Potter would make better Facebook “What If”s IMO

    this was pretty good though

    Lol @ “Mad sorry for your loss”

    • James


      they DO have a Harry Potter version and it IS better

      i already posted it on RB, ti’s hilarious

  • Astrocreep

    LMAO! these are priceless

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