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March 2, 2009

Very Poor X-Men Origins: Wolverine Product Design

— Posted by John Campea

Let’s just concede the fact that I have the maturity of an 8 year old shall we? With that being said and admitted… I just laughed my fool ass off at this:

Oh dear

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  • Scott

    That’s nothing…you should see the Dr. Manhattan inflatable from Watchmen.

  • gamingprincess


  • Doug (not Nagy)

    That is pretty damn funny. Great set up too, John.

  • Darek-T

    oh wow this is like the funniest picture i’ve seen you put up on this site.

  • Alex

    Is that for real!? I want one!


    Looks awesome, to bad it’s for kids, little blokes. Do they make that in adult sizes?


    ….im going to fucking ebay that…

  • jaffahut


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