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August 21, 2009

Wanna Come To A Screening Of “The Anniversary” Tomorrow Night?

— Posted by John Campea

Hey there guys. Ok, as most of you know I just finished my first comedy feature length film called “The Anniversary”. I’ve been planning on having a Cast/Crew/Friends/Family screening in Hollywood and was going to get a 50 seat theater for it. Turns out I needed one a little bigger, but the next best one I could get was 150 seats… which means I’ve got a few empty spots.

Soooo… since a few of you on the site have been asking about it, I thought I’d see if anyone who lives in the Los Angeles area would like to come to a midnight screening of the movie with the cast and crew tomorrow (Saturday) night at midnight in West Hollywood. I’m going to invite 5 Movie Blog readers.

So if you’d like to be one of those 5, email me at [email protected] with the answer to the following question:

“How many rebel ships attacked the Death Star in the first Star Wars movie?”

If you’re one of the first 5 to email me the correct answer, I’ll email you with the details. Cheers!


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11 thoughts on “Wanna Come To A Screening Of “The Anniversary” Tomorrow Night?

  1. hey john i been away from the blog for a while but its good to see this films working out for ya but i have 1 question …… is this an offical film that will be shown worldwide cuss im dieing to see it but im in fucking england!!!!?

  2. I KNOW THE ANSWER- But I know I cant go, I live in fucking south florida

    When the 5 answers are in let us know so i can finally blurt out the answer

    John, show a screning in Flo-ridah so me and my fellow Floridians can attend!

  3. If this goes over well you should do it again, but down here in San Diego instead! I want to see this, but time doesn’t allow me to head up to LA!

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