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May 12, 2010

Gaiking Film Actually Happening?

— Posted by Rodney

Gaiking is a film that we dared not dream would come into being. And it looks like the CG animated short might become a full fledged film.

/Film says

The Gaiking project was originally supposed to be a 7-minute short attached to Fincher’s Heavy Metal, but after that project moved to another studio, Jules Urbach took it and ran with it, and now it looks on track to be a full-blown feature film with Matthew Gratzner directing.

I think I just wet my geek a little bit there.

Gaiking might have been a member of the Shogun Warriors toys, but for me he was one fifth of the cartoon series known as Force Five in these parts.

Gaiking was a massive dragon with a team of smaller mech-bots that would deploy, but when times got rough the dragon’s head would detach (and they would launch arms and legs) to be the body of a powerful warrior bot!

Check out the rough teaser they put together to taunt us with.

And that they made the Gaiking pilot a girl is just sexy. Hey it worked for Starbuck.

Dear Zod, I hope they make this movie.

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9 thoughts on “Gaiking Film Actually Happening?

  1. You have GOT to keep up on this one – It would be one of the movies you would have NEVER would have been made – at least not right and this looked to be really good!!

  2. That was a awesome teaser, just the whole cockpit scene where see starts up everything so wicked. Is this a US movie or Japan made? Either way looks so wicked.

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