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September 10, 2010

Rick Moranis to come out of Retirement for Ghost Busters 3

— Posted by Rodney

Word says that Ghostbusters 3 will be passing the torch to Dana and Peter’s love child (Oscar, who was in Ghost Busters 2) , and now we get wind that Rick Moranis will be coming out of retirement to reprise his role as the nerdy neighbour Louis Tully.

Bloody Disgusting says:

In addition to the four Ghost Busters, Rick Moranis (who will be coming out of retirement for this) and Sigourney Weaver are expected to return as well. Still no word on how close the film is to actually going into production, but word has it things are actually progressing nicely (contrary to what Murray is saying).

I like the idea that Ghost Busters is shaping up to have purpose and could stand the chance of re-invigorating a series that disappeared 21 years ago.

Even without Bill Murray this looks to be shaping up fine. They can do this without him.

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19 thoughts on “Rick Moranis to come out of Retirement for Ghost Busters 3

  1. As a child who was allowed very few filmic pleasures in life, it is excellent to hear that Canadian Rick Moranis is coming back to make the world funny once again. That said, while in retirement, he has been making future generations funnier with his advisory position at Humber College in Toronto.

  2. It would be a shame if Bill Murray couldn’t repise his role. Hell, if he can do a film like Garfield, he should get slimed one more time. But maybe with the right pay cheque, he could come back.

  3. It’s good that Rick is coming back and even if it takes another 3 years before we get this third Ghosbusters I would prefer they took their time and got the storyline right rather than just throwing something together too quickly and ruining the series even further.

  4. So help me out is Bill Murray coming back for three or no. I really hope he does because I’m sorry if there is no Murray the movie is going to suffer IMO. Murray is what made ghostbusters ghostbusters and has someone else posted it’s considered one of his best roles. I think has someone else said he was embarrassed by the final product of two so he should come back and make amends for it, knock it out of the park, and most importantly do it for the fans.

  5. Hope this is true. Ghostbusters is and was always an ensemble comedy, and the more back the better. You could always put money on Rick Moranis for a solid performance.

    It’s sad that Murray keeps changing his tune based upon what day it is.
    As an actor, I respect him for picking and choosing the projects he wants, but given that GB is considered one of his best, you’d think just this once he’d buck up and “make one for the fans”…

    • But he retired for a noble (and tragic) reason: his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he retired to focus on her and raise their children when she passed.

      He’s one actor with the right priorities, glad to see him coming back.

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