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March 14, 2011

Disney Won’t Live In A Yellow Submarine

— Posted by Darren

There was once a day when Robert Zemekis seemed unstoppable. With recent motion capture films that wowed the eyes, it seemed the ‘Back to The Future’ and ‘Beowulf’ director was back on top. Then ‘Mars Needs Moms’ happens, and the Mouse House has decided to sink Zemekis’ next project, the remake of the Beatles animated film ‘Yellow Submarine’
Reuters/Hollywood Reporter shares:

The Walt Disney Co. has scuttled a planned remake of the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” being developed by the producer of its costly bomb “Mars Needs Moms,” sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

“Submarine” was already facing a few rocky reefs before this past weekend, when Robert Zemeckis’ $150 million-budgeted “Mars Needs Moms” opened to just $6.9 million.

While it is possible the project could shift to another studio, I’m going to make a togh call here myself and say the sub has sunk. Remake Help! instead…

Anyone still interested?

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  • 420BAND

    If you cant get the eyes right, go home!!!

  • Herby

    This is such great news. It had disaster written all over it.

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