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July 25, 2011

Eager Spider-Fan interupts Spider-Man Panel Introductions

— Posted by Rodney

This was one of the highlights of ComicCon this past weekend. At the introduction to the panel for Amazing Spider-Man, an over eager fan took the mic to make a statement despite the EmCee requesting questions be left til the end of the panel.

The really shy and super geeky superfan just wanted to say he always dreamt of showing up at SDCC in a Spider-Man costume, and now he has.

The Unmasking got the reaction they wanted. But moreso, it enforces that Andrew Garfield is a big geek and is super excited to have this opportunity. With humility and an almost nervous voice he states that he hopes he does the character justice.

Well Mr Garfield, so do we!

But it is refreshing to see this kind of inner geeking take place from the stars we elevate in our geeking!

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