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September 2, 2011

Marc Webb talks about Spider-Man’s 3D

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The upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie directed by Marc Webb will be a 3D affair with very specific shots conceived with that 3rd dimension in mind. Marc Webb recently chatted about the efforts that he and his team have gone through while creating some of the scenes, and touched on Peter’s relationship with Doctor Curt Connors:

Source: Total Film

“His relationship with Connors, who is both mentor and adversary, I think makes for a really beautiful and interesting story.

Having never helmed a blockbusting actioner, Webb is enjoying the challenge, not least when it comes to the 3D, telling us, “I wanted to shoot certain things very specifically for 3D.”

“There’s an experiential component to 3D that’s really fantastic and we’re experimenting with generating that point of view so you feel how Spider-Man feels when he’s jumping over these buildings.

“We made a conscious effort to do those effects practically and we had an incredible stunt team. We built this whole rig – hundreds of feet long – in Harlem, and we actually swung a man through traffic down the street.

“I thought that was really exciting, not to mention an incredible level of acrobatics!”

Man o Man where was I when they rigged some guy to swing through Harlem? I would have loved to see that in person, (or volunteered), because it would have been a dream come true! I wonder how surrounding pedestrians reacted to a guy swinging from a rope from building to building? Probably not too differently than Donnell Rawlings in Spider-Man 2…

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  • Michael V Banno

    I loved the Sam Raimi films. I hope I enjoy this new Spider-Man. It will feel kinda weird knowing we were possibly gonna get Lizard for 4, only now to get him as part of this new reboot.

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