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December 12, 2012

A few new stills from Monsters University

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony


You know I almost forgot about this whole “Monsters University” thing.   It’s not hard considering that I have trouble falling out of love with “Wreck It Ralph”, and the fact that Finding Nemo is out on BluRay so I really wasn’t seeking out anything in the animation department.  I’m still going to welcome this entry and give it a fair shot.  I really did like the first film and the film does have some genuine sentimental value to me so let’s give these new stills a look and try to get excited, mmmkay?



I’m starting to get excited.  These guys in a scare university and all the likely pre-requisite hidden adult humor can make for a great combination. This film certainly does have a lot of potential but I have to admit that my itnerest in Pixar films has waned over the years so my interest isn’t as high as other movies coming down the line.


That’s all for now…


Via: Latino Review



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