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November 6, 2012

First CRAZY World War Z footage

— Posted by The Amazing Anthony

First rule? I don’t talk about World War Z. The movie has been rumored to plagued with horrific production stories and even suffering the dreaded “re-shoot” germ that’s afflicted many films prior to the point that I didn’t have anything positive to report on a film I had been fairly optimistic about. The movie stars Brad Pitt and forces him into the sci-fi genre, specifically of the Zombie variety. Will Smith did the same with I Am Legend and the result was a fun unique spin on a fairly contrived plot. I hope(d) Brad Pitt might be able to do the same with World War Z and ET was able to give us our first chaotic look at some footage below:


That didn’t give me much in terms of plot, character, or much of anything but good lord those few snippets of chaos are downright exhilerating. The approach seems to be a strong contrast from what we’ve seen from zombie productions lady with a much faster pace than even the 28 days/weeks later films for the undead. Very curious, very exciting, and furthermore it washes away the apprehension I’ve had from this film in the past. Can’t wait to see a proper trailer.
Via: Geek Tyrant

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