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June 27, 2012

First photo from The Man with the Iron Fist

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony

RZA RZA RZA. His name is sooo cool. Must mean he can direct a movie right? I mean he spent a lot of time hanging out with Quentin Tarantino and the guy has photos of himself on the actual set of Kill Bill! This “Man with the Iron Fist” movie has to be cool cus it’s gonna have all that cool Tarantino residue that people get from hanging out with the guy. YEAH RIGHT. The RZA, (what is his REAL name anyway), is hard at work with his directorial debut and even snagged actor Russell Crowe along for the ride in the film. He watched a lot of Kung-Fu movies growing up and was part of some hip hopster beat bopster rap group a thingie tha they call “The Wu Tang Clan”. Go Figure. This Wu Tang person guy hopster released the first image for his film and it’s eye gouging to say the least. I honestly forgot about this movie while surrounded by summer hype but it’s a welcome reminder that we may have an interesting Kung Fu film on the way. Maybe. Sorta. We’ll see. Enjoy the image, I wouldn’t be surprised if a trailer is soon to follow. That’s all for now…

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  • hatchettaa17

    He did some acting on the last californication season……He is a great producer and I seriously cant believe you never heard of WU TANG and their cult following.

  • WTC AintNothinToFuckWith


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