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August 27, 2012

International Trailer #3: Taken 2

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Whether you saw it coming or not a sequel to Taken, the unexpected hit released in 2008, is coming to a theater near you. I didn’t think the original film needed a sequel because the movie constructed itself as a “glimpse” into the life of Brian Mills. It wasn’t a biography of his life or even, from what’s implied, one of his prime adventures but it had a certain symbolism to it that almost made it poetic. It was a story of paternal instincts pushed to the extreme by an experienced and extremely desperate and dangerous man. That glimpse into the latter years of an implied long and adventurous life that cost him his beautiful wife and daughter that made the ensuing violence and insanity seem so ferociously poetic, and I understand the perception that this somehow diminishes that film. I do.


This film does imply a dearth of that sensitivity that was clang to in the first film. It appears that this movie wants to offer something else with the character and take him in a direction of pure action and adrenaline. I want to believe the marketing but I also want to believe that Liam Neeson is more mindful with his film selection as he is known to pick up a dud but thanks to taken he’s once again known as someone who can pleasantly surprise with his films.


In Neeson I trust? No. In Neeson I aww screw that I wanna see Famke Janssen


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