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June 21, 2012

Lady Loki Cosplay

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony

For fans of the comics the fact that Loki underwent a gender change is an odd choice. For fans of the comics who are also fans of cosplay the fact that Loki underwent a gender change is a great opportunity for girls who are fans of comics to strut around convention centers in pursuit of adoration and ocular oggling. This my friends is our lucky day as one determined young woman made the effort to create a Loki costume for all of our enjoyment:


How did she get those horns? That’s an amazingly detailed costume and she even has the appropriately matching lipstick! It’s not often I see such impressive cosplay but when I do I feel compelled to share. With the SDCC fast approaching we’ll have plenty more photos flooding the web. Can’t wait to see more, but that’s all for now…

Source: Geek Tyrant

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  • Lady Loki

    but make me the pleasure!!! and this is a Loki cosplay??? but please!!! is’t near in nothing with stan lee’s character!!!!  Loki have a complete suite at scaleless, why that girl done tath??? why??? my godness wy???

  • jessdreyer

    @browncoat_ange also informing you now, you have to come to weho for the Halloween carnivale. It’s like isla vista, but better.

  • jessdreyer

    @browncoat_ange @iamtheplague @dansolocreative I wanna hate it, but I can’t. I’ve never been one for cosplay, but that bodice is cool, dude.

  • iamtheplague

    @browncoat_ange suit with slicked back hair

    • browncoat_ange

      @iamtheplague you just need the staff. Anyone who knows will know.

      • iamtheplague

        @browncoat_ange he had that really sexy cane during that scene. I need to get the cane

      • iamtheplague

        @browncoat_ange cindy just called tom unattractive. you can see why we have nothing in common

      • iamtheplague

        @browncoat_ange we have never once found the same celebrity attractive because she likes boring men

        • browncoat_ange

          @iamtheplague hahaha. Oh pel. Her loss.

        • iamtheplague

          @browncoat_ange to be honest I can’t even remember the last time she admitted to finding a celebrity attractive. prob fucking paul walker HA

  • iamtheplague

    @browncoat_ange I totally want to be loki in germany at that art gallery which will just confuse people because I will just be wearing a

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