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June 18, 2012

New Dredd Set photo’s

— Posted by The Amazing Anthony


A few new spy photos from the set of Dredd have emerged on the internetz and are now available for ocular ingestion. These new shots provide us another look at the world of Mega City and the judges that keep crime off the street.



Wait, these are more spy photos? It feels like this movie has been in production for an eternity. Hopefully these aren’t recent shots and that this is just what’s spilling out lately. Right? I mean we all know that there was some trouble on the set but can things really have gotten this bad?


Source: Movieweb

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One thought on “New Dredd Set photo’s

  1. I am definitely looking forward to this movie. If they cannot make it good, I hope that they can at least make it hilariously bad like the Stallone one was, minus Rob Schinder of course. The latter is probably the more likely of the two outcomes, but that is not bad news at all. If done right it could be as funny as the Twilight series. I am seriously hoping this turns out to be a contest of incompetence.


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