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June 28, 2012

New photos of Riddick… with a really big sword!

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony


Vin Diesel has returned to facebook! that’s a good thing, right? Well if you’re interested in seeing him take to it as if it were twitter and share behind the scenes photos and reveal that he shares stuff with the internet even before sharing with Hollywood then you’re in for a treat. Today he shows us a new still of Riddick holding what appears to be a massive sword and actually commented on the image with a GRR. Seriously. I think it’s a fine time for a trailer so, Mr. Diesel, if you would be so kinda to snag one of those out of the editing room I’m sure we’d all appreciate a look at the movie not involving racing cars and Paul Walker that also excites you.


Via: Screencrave

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    Looks like Aaron from Final Fantasy

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