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June 28, 2012

Poster: The Man With The Iron Fists

— Posted by Erik

Yesterday RZA’s “The Man With The Iron Fists” showed some face breaking action in the way of an image that hit the web. Today we get a pretty badass poster!


You can’t spell Kung Fu without F and U. Great tag line and much like Robert Diggs The RZA I too love Kung-Fu movies.

Now lets just sit back and wait for the trailer.


Via: Live for Film

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  • Brandon Christian

    Amazing poster. Hopefully it’s not the only thing amazing about the movie.

  • Wupaw

    Atleast your post wasnt annoying like Anthonys

    • TMBErik

      Im too lazy to be annoying and im aware of the saying WTC aint nothing to fuck with!

    • Anthony_TMB

      Apologies. Caffeine fueled posts aint nothing to eff wit.

  • MarcusAnquez

    @themichaelstern did u do this?

    • themichaelstern

      @MarcusAnquez nope

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