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May 4, 2012

Red Band trailer for ‘The Watch’, formerly ‘Neighborhood Watch’

— Posted by The Amazing Anthony

Neighborhood Watch looked to be a fun comedy. Then controversy happened and the movie got retitled to ‘The Watch’ in order to distance itself from said controversy. New Name, same brand of conglomerated Ben Stiller/Vince Vaughn/ Johah Hill comedy. Today we get a Red Band trailer to show us the defining characteristing of said conglomerated comedy. Let’s digest:

Sci-Fi!? Nobody told me that this was a Sci-Fi!!! Why didn’t they tell me??? Don’t they know that our nerd endings love the sensation of Sci-Fi around here!! So much time has been wasted and now I have to retroactively ingest more inforamtion about this film that may have slipped through the cracks!



*signs off*

Via: IGN

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3 thoughts on “Red Band trailer for ‘The Watch’, formerly ‘Neighborhood Watch’

  1. I am sensing this is going to be like another painful Ben Stiller movie; the type where he gets his ass kicked for the entire film. Jonah Hill was funny for a while, but like Seth Rogan, he has kind of gotten very old in terms of making people laugh. Ben Stiller has just become tedious and painful to watch. 

    Though there is a chance at this film being good, it is extraordinarily slim.

  2. kind of reminds me of Attack the Block… Just more comedic. The stories are extremely similar, which makes me wonder….

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