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May 7, 2012

Set Photos: A Good Day to Die Hard

— Posted by The Amazing Anthony

The first spy cam shots from the set for the next Bruce Willis action flick after Expendables 2, Looper, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and whatever else I’ve missed cus the guy seems to be appearing in every film that lets him on set has started production in Budapest. Man, that’s a lot of movies… Anyhoo! new photo’s have emerged from some obsessed vehemently excited fans of Bruce Willis arriving and… well.. giving out hugs while someone holds his umbrella. Seriously.

Is that Prison Break star Amaury Nolasco? Dude can’t catch a break on television with his shows getting cancelled one after another but I LOVED PRISON BREAK!!! (the first season). It’s good to see him get some face time with Bruce Willis. Can’t wait to see something from this film that’s actually… ya know… Die Hard-ish. Guns, ‘splosions, and car chase stuff. It’s a start.

Via: Movieweb

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One thought on “Set Photos: A Good Day to Die Hard

  1. More Bruce Willis the better.
    Funny, it was the first Die Hard that made me like him, was never big on Moonlighting, Blind Date was so so.
    So, go Bruce!

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