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June 16, 2012

Six Stars send out heartfelt messages to their fathers

— Posted by Ryan


I was reading through the news today and came across one of the most heartfelt articles over at Guardian Films. When we look at these celebrities on the big screen they seem so far from our reach. It’s hard to imagine them having the family interaction that we all do, but after reading these personal messages, it really puts things in perspective showing that they each have their idols as well…their fathers. Please take the time to read what they had to say and go read the full article.


Danny Devito


My father, Danny, didn’t get to see my kids. He died 28 years ago…
You get that rush of being with your dad, going places, even if it’s just shopping or to the movies. We used to fish a lot, my father and me….
My father taught me to know what I’m doing and be prepared…
I still miss him. There’s that emptiness that you have to take with you. But that’s part of being a human being…


Helen McCrory


My father, Iain, knew no gender differentiation. He was raised in a household where his parents shared the housework…
As an adult, when you see your father with your children it reminds you how he was with you…
There’s a lot of laughter when Dad’s around. He taught you to laugh at yourself because he laughed with you, not at you. And he had the ability to teach you independence and security…
I owe everything to my father. He’s still waiting for the cheque…


Oliver Stone


My father, Louis, was an honest man – a Wall Street broker in the 30s through to the 60s. He worked until the day he died. That’s a rare breed….
The best advice he ever gave me was: “Communicate. Simplify.” I think that’s as good a piece of advice as any…
“Going into movies is crazy,” he would say. “You aren’t going to make a dime…”


Sam Worthington


When I was 19 and about to go to drama school my dad, Ronald, had a heart attack…
After Avatar, I said, all right, where do you want to live? He said Tasmania, so I bought them a house there. But they’re never there … they say it’s freezing and they go on holiday to hot places…
The best thing my dad ever did for me was when I was finishing school. I was doing a bricklaying apprenticeship because I wanted something to fall back on. He put me on a plane, with $400 in my pocket, and sent me to the other side of the country and said: “Now work your way back…”
Success is good because it has not only changed my life, it has changed my dad’s life too…


Olivia Wilde


The stories from my dad’s family history are inspiring. I think that’s why all us kids in the family feel really driven towards greatness – and not in a conventional way…
One of my fondest memories of Dad is the summers we spent in County Waterford, in Ireland, where we had a wooden fishing boat with an engine…


Thomas Haden Church


My mother had a few other ill-fated marriages when she was young, after my biological father. Then she met my “dad”, who was the only “father”, other than my maternal grandfather, that I ever knew….
He was on a military salary, with three children of his own, when my parents conjoined their families. He immediately took on three more mouths to feed, along with my mum. He was very disciplined. He taught me that if you’re going to commit to something, then follow through…
I told my parents that more than likely I was going to move to Los Angeles. My mother was very opposed to the idea but my dad said: “Look, this could be a folly, but if you’re really going do this, you owe it to yourself to completely commit. Do everything you have to do to understand the industry, not only as a craft and an art, but as a business…”
I’m a fairly careful person, and I owe that to my dad.
There’s a Texas saying, though I don’t know that it originated in Texas: “You gotta earn your spurs every single day.” My dad is that guy.


I thought these messages really said something about these stars. Even though they each had a different relationship with their fathers and some had a different definition of what a father is, they all owe quite a bit to their dads. Make sure to take the time to let your fathers know what they’ve done for you and if you’re a father yourself, make sure that you be the best for your kids. Again, I highlighted some of my favorite parts so please go over to Guardian Films and read the full article.

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