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July 10, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises. The Midnight IMAX Poster

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony

The Dark Knight Rises will not stop. Will NOT STOP. Today we just came across a new poster released to promote the midnight shows for IMAX. What more can I say? BANE. BATMAN. CHRISTOPHER NOLAN. What else do you need? Oh yeah, the poster. Enjoy!



I love it. I love the Bat Silhoutte thingy they’ve been doing with Bane’s face in recent materials and I love how they’ve made it quite clear that Bane is a character that you especially need to pay attention to. Let me know what you guys think below.


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  • dRadnev

    In my country I have to wait until the 27-th in order to see it. Anyhow, indeed – very cool poster, I just hope there won’t be any spoilers in this site until we all see this awesome movie.

    • TMBErik

       @dRadnev 25th here in Sweden. I feel your pain friend : (

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