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July 12, 2012

This is the new Q for Skyfall

— Posted by The Amazing Anthony


You know how James Bond has all those cool gadgets that he uses throughout his adventures? Lasers shooting out of watches and cars that double as submarines or whatever. Typically he’s introduced to and provided new toys like that by an intelligent chap with the codename of Q. Don’t remember Q? Don’t be ashamed as the character hasn’t made an appearance in the Daniel Craig era of James Bond until now and is played by Ben Winshaw. This is our first photo of Ben in the role and I have to admit that he looks like he’s doing something complex and intelligent. Must be the lab coat. Either way I’m happy to see the return of the character but it makes me wonder if James Bond will get all hi-tech again, which is something that’s been absence in the recent films with Craig and in lieu of gadgetry he’s been more self reliant on his wits and intelligence. An interesting development and begs further investigation, but that’s all for now. We still have more pressing matters lying in front of us…


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